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Cylindrical dripper

Cylindrical dripper emitter production line

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MIR 209

MIR 209 - High speed extrusion line for thick wall pipes with cylindrical drippers

T.H.E. MACHINES high performance extrusion systems are designed to produce irrigation pipes fully automatic, with highest dripper inserting and punching frequency, perfect carbon black distribution as well as a high degree of inline quality control and automation. These achievements are possible due to punching latest technologies, dripper sorting and state of the art process technologies.

Cylindrical dripper pipe

Mechanical punching machine

Shrink foil coil

Technical data

MIR 209

Diameter of the pipe   12 - 20 mm    
Wall thickness of the pipe 0.6 - 1.0 mm  
Geared speed 150 m/min     
Production speed * 100 m/min    
Coiler Automatic
Dripper type Cylindrical dripper    
Dripper frequency ** Up to 300 d/min    
Number of holes per dripper Up to 4
Puncher type Mechanical
Coil outside diameter 800 - 1000 mm    
Coil inside diameter 400 - 500 mm
Coil heigth 280 - 400 mm

*) depends on dripper design and wall thickness

**) with 2 or 4 holes per dripper. In case of 4 holes per dripper, the punching speed is 50%.

Line layout


T.H.E. MACHINES also delivers turn-key solutions to produce Drip irrigation pipes starting from the plastic pellet to the finished packed, tested and palletized product.

Our sales staff will be pleased to inform you, in a personal discussion, in more detail about these features and to explain the cost calculation in comparison to the investment level for each solution.