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Turnkey solutions

Turnkey solutions

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Turn-key solutions for irrigation pipe manufacturers


THE Machines Yvonand SA is proud to be one of the lonely machinery manufactures who can propose you the complete production solution for drip irrigation lines, all from one hand.
Indeed, together with our sister company ProTool AG, we can provide multiple cavity molds based on our design and we also have a partnership with Netstall to provide also the plastic injection machines.
Until today, we have already designed several different types of dripper systems (PTH, Hyper-Drip, Eco-Tape, Dure-Tape, PTH-S...) and we still continue developing new products.
Then, our high quality drip-irrigation production line, our core business, can produce the laterals at a very high speed, compared to other competitors on the market.
At the end of our pipe production lines, as pipe reception unit we propose our different types of automatic coilers, which can also be equipped with filming and packaging solutions.
Further, last but not least, a complete Quality Assurance as D.F.C. (DTC) completes our product range.

This means that with our solution, as the complete production line will be designed, manufactures, installed and commissioned by our services, you get rid of all responsibility conflicts which could happen if you take the elements from different providers.
So you can save a lot of time and increase your productivity !!

All from one hand

Equipment Dripper production    Irrigation Pipe prod.    Test equipment    Packaging solutions  
Know-How Project handling    Dripper design    Raw materials    Test methods    Operator training  
Financing Attractive long term project financing through Swiss Banks

Dripper Production Cell

(Plastic injection machine with specific mould)

Output / Year
One machine:

>300 Million drippers


>150 Million drippers

Round and Flat dripper Pipe Production

Output / Year
One machine:

Up to 75'000 km


Up to 60'000 km

Labyrinth-Tape Production Line

Finished product manufactured in one process shot:
  • Thermoforming of dripper strip labyrinth
  • Pipe extrusion and strip welding
  • Slitting

Output / Year
One machine:

Up to 75'000 km
^^^ Subject to changes in order to follow progresses ^^^


Thanks to the broad know-how of our engineering staff, THE Machines Yvonand SA can help you not only to install and use 100% THE Machines-sourced machine equipments, but also to integrate existing or new equipments from other sources, as far as they are compatible with the requested process. A prior discussion between both parties will be necessary in order to define the project and to estimate the additional costs.
The integration costs will be invoiced according to the material and engineering efforts involved.

Our goal is to deliver to our customer an "easy to use" production line with, as far it is possible, a general process/production management via our line control.