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THE Machines Quality
Production quality
  The irrigation, composite and metal pipes produced with our lines can meet very high quality requirements, as requested by the latest standards, even more...
The advanced State-of-the-Art technology used in our equipments and pipe production lines including numerus of our genuine and patented solutions, are allowing our customers to reach sucessfully the high rated targets they've set, so that they can face the market in a very favourable position.

From Speed to R.O.I.
  Due to their advanced and sturdy technology, our very reliable production lines enable an excellent return on investment.

  Each producer receives his equipment with a complete training and informations in order to enable sustainable implementation/utilization/use.
  First of all, we can propose trial sessions on existing lines in order to show the capabilities of our machines, and furthermore, each contract includes the organization of a pre-acceptance test in our workshop in order to validate the production capability of the line equipments.
  THE Machines SA will provide to his customers the needed help and support in the start-up, running and maintenance of the received equipments
Furthermore, in the event of new improvements made on new machines, our customers can take the benefit of upgrading their old lines for a better efficiency (if the retrofit is possible)

  The well-proven and mature technology of our lines and machines make them easy to use. The operator training is even simpler. The maintenance cycles are quick to perform and clearly identified. The robust design of machinery brings to long-term optimal use.

  • turnkey solutions
  • high line speed
  • best efficiency due to high production stability
  • very low down time, thanks to the high quality and know-how level
  • Excellent ROI
  • Best TCO (total Cost of Ownership)
  • More than 20 patents running
  One example:
- Welding with Laser Technology:
  • high level of expertise
  • on different metal alloys (Al, Steel, inox, Cu, etc...)
  • with different pipe dimensions and wall-thicknesses

All these points and several more... brings us to the world leading position in these domains

For more details and further information please contact our sales department via: info(at)