Who are we?

THE Machines Yvonand SA is a dynamic company in constant expansion. We build machines and complete production lines for our customers worldwide. We have in-depth know-how and excellent technical expertise in the following areas:

  • Irrigation pipe production lines with flat drippers
  • Irrigation pipe production lines with cylindrical drippers
  • Drip Tape irrigation pipe production lines (continuous labyrinth)
  • Lines and Equipment for multilayer pipe production (composite pipes)
  • Precision forming and welding of thin wall metal pipes
  • Laser cross welding and joining of coated and uncoated metal tapes
  • Specific machinery for the plastic pipe and cable industry

Our wide experience gained over the years enables us to support customer specific demands, like solving complex requirements and providing suitable and tailor-made solutions. We are also very keen on developing new concepts, and optimizing existing solutions, for the benefit of our customers who can then receive of regular upgrades and retrofit possibilities.

Thin Wall irrigation pipe production lines
We are specialists in high speed production of thin wall irrigation pipes. While maintaining an optimal quality, we increased value production speeds up to threefold compared to older generations. We consider ourselves as a world leader in this area.

Customer satisfaction
Our mission is to provide total customer satisfaction through the on-time delivery of quality products and services at a competitive value. We achieve these objectives through the creation of a stable, cooperative and harmonious work environment. We are commited to providing excellent contract manufacturing services to our customers.



Mission & Vision


"To weld our partners to success"


We want to remain continually in progress. Research, development and continuous improvement are part of our daily lives. We do not want to walk in the footsteps of others, we prefer to experiment and develop new technologies


In the 80s, called "THE Thomas Electronique SA", the company was active in the development and production of electronic boards, prototypes and small series of tailor-made machines. Its main line of business was the industry of cables and tubes.

During its expansion, the company changed its name while its activities in machine production grew rapidly. Under the name THE Thomas Machines SA, the first complete high speed production line for irrigation pipes was carried out in Couvet (Switzerland).

The powerful electronic systems, Laser technology and networking equipment are key elements in addition to the excellent mechanical quality and longevity of the lines.

The company took a major step forward for the productivity of irrigation pipes lines. While maintaining an optimal quality, we increased the production speed up to threefold compared to older generations. We consider ourselves as a world leader in this area. 

Facing the increasing pace of production and the multiplication of its customers around the world, the company moved into the industrial zone of Yvonand. It benefits from a tight relation to the micro electronic and mechanics industries which are located in the same area.

The company diversifies its activities, particularly in the areas of production equipment for multi-layer tubes, forming and welding of thin wall metal tubes, as well as Laser cross welding and bonding of metal tapes.

In 2009, now known as THE Machines Yvonand SA, the company enjoys an excellent reputation and several patents on technological developments. It provides high efficiency equipment to a global customer base.

The acquisition in 2011 of specialist mold manufacturer Pro Tool AG, site factory expansions in 2012 and new production facilities of Pro Tool AG in 2017, is further testimony to the continued dynamic growth and commitment of the company.

History of THE Machines


Our challenge is to guide our clients to excellence while contributing to save water and energy.
We offer the opportunity to evolve in a passionate environment where the innovation, creativity, the desire to learn and our dedication to customers are our driving forces.

Your spontaneous applications are welcome.