Flat-dripper extrusion line for thin and thick wall

Flat-Dripper extrusion line for thin and thick wall

THE Machines Yvonand SA develops, designs, engineers and manufactures «in house» all extrusion lines. Line components are supplied to the highest standards, technologies and precision, resulting in unsurpassed line performance, productivity and end-product quality.

Flat dripper lines feature cutting-edge extrusion technology, highly precise dripper feeding & insertion, along with exclusive laser punching solutions and « closed-loop » QA & operation management, result in the highest productivity and quality at the lowest production cost.

To achieve higher cost-efficiencies – without affecting product properties – 2 or 3-layer co-extrusion configuration is recommended.

Technical data
Pipe diameter 12 – 36 mm
Pipe wall thickness  0.15 – 1.20 mm
Line speed max 400m/min
Dripper insertion & punch frequency Max 3000 dripper/min
Pitch min 10 cm
Automatic winder type Coiler and/or Take-up (carton spools)
Coiler’s packaging type Stretch film or straps
3-layer configuration Optional
Integrated high speed laser marking Optional
Dripper drilling/mechanical punching Optional
Line control Central system & Industry 4.0 ready