High speed automatic coiler

High speed Automatic Coiler

The ADC1001 coiler is designed to wind Medium-to-Thick walled pipes at high speeds, to transfer & package automatically.

The machine is built with heavy duty welded steel frame, is controlled by dynamic servo motors, features integrated touch-screen, and is equipped with exclusive automatic shrink foil packaging that can perform « full coil coverage » or selective « strap » packing. Automated P.P. strapping can be chosen instead. These enable reliable high performance, user-friendly operation, and prolonged service life-span.

In addition, « sample » retrieval can be made by choice of user. This operation eliminates the need to extract a sample from the finished coil or to make a sample coil.

A dancer/accumulator is installed before the coiler, and assures a smooth reel transfer at full production speed.

The ADC1001 is made to be integrated in any production line.

Technical data
Pipe diameter 12 – 35 mm
Pipe wall thickness 0.60 – 1.40 mm
Winding speed max 200 m/min
Outer coil diameter 800-1000 mm
Barrel diameter 400-500 mm
Coil width 150-400 mm
Packaging available 


One of the mentioned below:
1. Shrink foil – full coil or sequential by selection on HMI
2. P.P. straps
Sample retrieve Optional