Metal tube production line – by rollforming and laser welding

Metal tube production line – by rollforming and laser welding. Complete technology from one experienced supplier.

Detailed line configuration: available on request adapted to customer needs

Rollforming: All tools are developed by rollforming-simulation with the finite element method to have a minimal mechanical stress in the product and a non-damaged tube surface by maximal process stability. Tool quick-change for short product change time is realized by carrier system.

Welding: By laser-beam without supplementary material. Seam tracking. Spot diameter adaptable by different optic configurations.

Quality control: Continues measurement of tape width and tube diameter. Continues inline seam control by Internal Crack Observer. Various possibilities for quality statistics.

Line control: Computerized with receipt management for high production stability and quality constancy.

Technical data
Tube diameter 2.5 – 12 mm
Geared speed 40 m/min
Production speed 301 m/min
Tape thickness 0.05 – 1.20 mm
Tape materials Standard: Stainless steel, Steel, Aluminium
On demand:   Exotic alloys3
Forming ratio2 Standard: 15 up to 200
On demand: < 15 / > 200
Laser  Type: Disc, diode or other
Power: 1 up to 6 kW

1 in function of dimension and material
2 diameter/thickness
3 experienced in Cu, Ni, Cr/Ni, Cr/Ni/Mo, composite tapes etc.

Notice: The values presented in the above table are examples and are not to be interpreted as product specification.