Multilayer pipe forming and welding production line for tube 10-40 mm

THE Machines Yvonand SA designs, develops, and engineers composite tube extrusion, metal forming, and laser welding lines in-house. Our components are crafted to the highest standards, utilizing advanced technologies for unmatched productivity, performance, and end-product quality.

Our closed-loop production management and quality systems ensure maximum productivity, cost-efficiency, and operational excellence.

We offer complete production lines for multi-layer composite tubes (plastic/metal products), including pipe extrusion, metal forming, laser welding, and downstream processes—all from one supplier.

Plastic Pipe Extrusion: Our systems include inner and/or outer plastic extruders, either our own or custom-made. Integrated polymer mixing, dosing, and feeding options are available, along with layer thickness control.

Metal Rollforming: Our precision roll-forming tools are engineered with finite element simulations to minimize stress and surface damage, ensuring process stability. High-quality materials ensure tool longevity. Quick-change carrier systems reduce setup times and enhance operational efficiency.

Welding: We provide high-quality laser welding with a proprietary orbital seam tracking system. The laser power source and beam quality are tailored to suit each application.

Quality Control: Our in-line monitoring systems measure all geometric parameters and feature integrated non-destructive weld seam and tube quality control systems, including the exclusive ICO and ECC (Internal Crack Observer) eddy current measurement.

Line Controls: Our centralized line control systems include recipe management to ensure process stability and operational excellence. They offer data logging for tracking key process parameters and quality checks, and are prepared for Industry 4.0 requirements. Our user-friendly HMI and line management systems enhance usability.

Technical data MFWL 40
Tube diameter min 10 mm
max 40 mm
Geared speed 100 m/min
Production speed up to 80 m/min1
Tape thickness2 min 0.10 mm
max 0.60 mm
Tape materials standard Stainless steel, Steel, Aluminium
on request Exotic alloys3
Forming ratio4 standard 15 up to 200
on request < 15 / > 200
Laser type type Disc, diode or other
power 1 up to 6 kW

1 in function of dimension and material
2 in function of dimension
3 experienced in Cu, Ni, Cr/Ni, Cr/Ni/Mo, composite tapes etc.
4 =diameter / thickness

Notice: The values presented in the above table are examples and are not to be interpreted as product specification.