SLT 200

Laser cross welding

SLT series laser cross welders for perfect, precise, economic and efficient welding of a wide variety of tape materials, thicknesses and coil widths.

The SLT series cross welders are especially designed to be used in all kinds of situations as a stand-alone machine or for in-line processes. SLT series welds thin and thick alloy tapes as well as coated and uncoated ones in a fully automated cutting, positioning and butt welding process. Featuring consistency, replication and quality of the welds.


Metallic pipes, cable shielding, stamping operations

Features and benefits

  • Laser technology provides welding without the addition of material. The weld is therefore similar to the base material
  • Minimal foot print and fully self-contained unit
  • Precise mechanical guiding and automatic aligning allow welding of tapes down to 0.05 mm thickness
  • Welding of alloy coils and sheets up to 200 mm wide
  • Widest possible choice of weldable materials
  • Menu guided system
  • Recipe controlled for assured repeatability
  • Robust construction for 24/7 operations
  • Easy to operate
  • Repeatable high quality seams
  • No tape pre-cleaning or further machining required
  • Scrap avoidance due to reliable welding and full usage of all rest coils and steel sheets
  • Machine available on feet (Special solutions on request)
  • Continuous production for any application
  • Available on rails with motorization assist – extraction from production line (Special solutions on request)
  • Reduced process time compared to conventional welding machines
  • Available with weld ramps and weld annealing functions

Technical data
Tape width* 20 – 200 mm
Tape thickness* Steel 0.05 – 3.00 mm
Al       0.10 – 2.50 mm
Cu     0.10 – 1.20 mm
Welding angle 15°
Tape materials Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Composites, Alloys of Al, Cr, Ni, Ti
(Blank or copolymer coated on one or both sides)**
Laser power 500W – 1000W – 1500W

* other dimensions on demand

**Application with coated metal tapes (color, adhesives, electro-steel):
Please note that metal tapes coated on one side only can be easily processed with the blank side up.
Metal tapes coated on both sides must be tested in our technical center.
Electro-Steel (GO & NGO) with insulation coatings on both sides can be processed perfectly and without any reference for the tape position.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for any further request or information.